There’s so many things to do in Amsterdam… visiting the Museum Quarter, the Rijksmuseum, the National Monument, the Heineken Experience and so much more that it might be hard to make a good selection on which items to include in your itinerary. The main Amsterdam tourist attractions are museums. But of course there are other attractions too.

So we extensively have cut short few of the locations you might want to visit:

Maritime Museum:- Discover the maritime history of the Netherlands in this really awesome museum… and if you’ve read into Dutch history a little you know we’ve been a big player in the maritime world throughout history. There’s model ships, globes, maps, paintings, other objects and even a replica of a VOC ship that you can board.

Hermitage Museum:- Explore Russian Culture and History in the Heart of Amsterdam in the Hermitage Museum. This is actually a branch of the Hermitage Museum found in Saint Petersburg, Russia and features exhibitions on Russian history and culture. This number 4 on the most visited museums in the Netherlands.

Begijnhof:- This is one of the oldest inner courts in the capital city and consists of a group of nice historical buildings around a courtyard and used to be a Béguinage. Most famous is the restored wooden house that dates back to 1528.

Rembrandt House:- The Rembrandt House Museum, known as Rembrandthuis in Dutch, is a unique museum that allows visitors to catch a glimpse of what Rembrandt van Rijn’s life would have been like during the 17th century. The museum is housed in the very same home that Rembrandt lived in for two decades.

Oude Kerk:- This old church with little houses clinging to its sides, remains a calm heaven at the heart of the freneric Red Light District. Its buildings, especially the Gothic-renaissance style octagonal bell tower, was used by sailors to get their bearings.

Jordaan:- Used to be a working class district but has become popular as a place to live as well as one of Amsterdam tourist attractions. And is now inhabited by a colorful mixture of students, businessmen and creative professionals. Jordaan oozes atmosphere with its narrow streets, brown cafes, art galleries and unique shops. You can easily lose yourself in a pleasant stroll in through the these streets that connect the 3 main canals.

Landmark hotels of Amsterdam:- The city has a number of the landmarks hotels, which stand out above the hundreds of buildings in the town. Not only for their function but also as sightseeing Amsterdam attractions. Among them there are the old and dignified historic hotels as Hotel Krasnapolsky and Amstel Hotel, and the modern, international hotels such as Hilton and Okura, along with several other excellent, five-star hotels.